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  1. Dragon より:

    Well done to think of sotimheng like that

  2. [..YouTube..] for fans that have been watching since day 1. season 1 has got to be the best just cuz of the authenticity of 24 the beginning how the show was structured. this went soo much into depth into all the characters where other seasons didnt. I love 24 having a black president candidate 9 years before Obama awesome. a lot of people didnt like season 2 cuz of the kim story lines which is understandable but I think season 2 aside from that was brilliant the writing was fantastic.

  3. Lo he consrruido y NO FUNCIONA mejor que ponerlo al sol sin más. Empiezan a pudrirse los tomates antes de secarse. Hay que ser mas serios antes de recomendar ciertas tecnologias porque hay quien se las cree.Por lo demas me ancanta la revista. Un abrazoTala.

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